Casual Couture

I saw this girl while walking to class and thought it would be perfect for my blog! No- it is absolutely nothing out of the ordinary, but that is what makes it so great!

This is a great outfit for school. Not only is it comfortable, but it is a classic look that always looks good.

This look is also great because anyone can do it, and you don’t have to try too hard. It is simple, yet spectacular. Whether you feel like wearing a solid shirt, a striped shirt, or a patterned shirt, this outfit will look good no matter what!

My favorite part of this outfit are the boyfriend shorts. They are loose, comfortable, and always classy.

This ensemble can be worn anywhere! You can not go wrong with this casual outfit. This is one of the few occasions where girls can look great without causing discomfort to themselves!

P.S. if you don’t have a cute cardigan yet, it is time to get one! They are going to be a huge hit this fall!


It’s a shirt? It’s a dress?? NO.

Hey everyone! First of all I would like to apologize for the lack of posts…there is an awful cold traveling around College Station and preying on innocent bloggers. It has been a rough week, but I am starting to feel much better! Yay!

Even through sickness I could see this “dress” was not acceptable for going…umm ANYWHERE.

Once again, I found this girl hanging out at a fraternity party. While I was lurking around I saw this girl playing beer pong…and trying to pull off a shirt as a dress.

I thought to myself…am I the only one who thinks this is wrong? Girls, although you may sometimes be able to pull off a shirt as a dress, you have to be able to distinguish whether it actually looks good on its own, and this one definitely does NOT.

Not only is this shirt too short to be worn as a dress, but it is also very tight, hugging all the wrong places. This girl is definitely not fat, but because this shirt (dress) is so tight, it gives the illusion of a pooch. Had it been worn correctly (as a shirt), it would not have done this.

Plus, what do you think this says about you? You are leaving nothing to the imagination and you certainly aren’t gaining anyone’s respect.

Sorry girl, but next time you should think about purchasing the other half of your “going out” outfit.


Today’s garment of the day comes from another classmate of mine, Mallory.

Mallory looks stunning in a very colorful sundress! The great thing about throwing on a dress for a casual occasion is that you don’t need to add much to it. A great looking sundress can look great all by itself, no accessaries needed! However, an oversized bag can be a wonderful touch!

This particular dress is from Target (always a great choice). At Target you can find many treasures just like this one at a great price! Being a college student, this is crucial!

This coral dress looks great with Mallory’s complexion and as you can see, she didn’t need to add much to look great even while enduring a long day of class.

Look for great finds like this one at! Check it out!

Oh, and by the way…Mallory gets an:


Among the vast blurs of maroon and white at Ring day on Friday, there was also this guy.

So, why is he wearing a hawaiian shirt at a huge Texas A&M event? I am asking myself the same question. However, I have come up with my own theory…maybe he didn’t want to get lost? ¬†You have to admit, it’s a legitimate reason as to why he might be wearing this right? Haha, or he could just enjoy wearing hawaiian shirts and pretending he is on a real vacation.

The good news is, he at least matches. Although I probably wouldn’t ever wear a hawaiian shirt, I do not think they look bad on older men…who are on vacation…in Hawaii.

I am definitely digging his confidence and do commend him on matching his shirt to the rest of his outfit.

We will say this outfit isn’t too bad, funny, but not bad.

Therefore, I have decided to give Mr. Hawaii a

Finally, boys!

Well…we finally have proof that not all boys are incapable of dressing themselves!

Meet a fellow classmate of mine, Rohan. Rohan is wearing a striped button up shirt (always a good choice boys). A button up can work no matter where you are going or what you have planned. You can wear it out for a picnic, date, or night out with the boys. Rohan chose not to tuck it in, giving it a laid back feel for a long day of classes.

Also, if you can’t tell from the picture, he is wearing corduroy pants! Many people don’t think this would be a good choice, but it is! These textured pants add a nice touch to a simple outfit!

So way to go Rohan, you finally hit a home run for the boys!

Ring day!

Ring day brought out school spirit in many senior Aggies, as well as their friends and family.

Among one of the seniors getting their ring on Friday, I saw maroon and white everywhere I looked. Everyone looked very nice, making sure they took extra time to put together their outfit and look good for this special occasion.

I could not decide on just one school-spirited ensemble, so I decided I would give an overall group grade.

Since this was such a special day for me and everyone else who got their ring, everyone gets a free A!!

Let’s face it…no one could look bad in maroon and white! Congrats again to all Aggies who received their senior ring!

Ring day to bring school-spirited fashions


Aggie ring day is approaching fast! For those of you who don’t know, ring day is when seniors at Texas A&M University receive their aggie ring. This ring symbolizes their great accomplishments as well as their connection to a close-knit aggie family. Strangers are instantly connected at the sight of this widely recognized ring.

That being said, seniors (including me!) will dress to impress while showing off their school spirit as they will be taking tons of pictures showing off their new bling.

I hope you all are as excited as I am to see what kinds of school-inspired fashion dos and don’ts we will come across this Friday!

Be sure to come check it out and see which outfits make the grade…and which ones don’t.

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