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Bring it on, cold weather!

Now that it is starting to get cold outside there will be many more layers added and different fashion choices shown around my college campus.

Colorful coats, scarves, hats, boots, oh my! I’m so excited to see what is to come and can’t wait to share it with all of you.

Remember to be mindful of your fashion, no matter how cold you may be.

The weeks to come promise many examples of the fashion do’s and don’ts of the cold seasons. Halloween is going to be a pretty busy day/night for me! 🙂

Colors that are great this season are khaki, brown, red, orange, yellow, purple, etc. Don’t forget to mix it up and have fun while doing it!

I have said this before, but remember to get your cardigans! They can be added to almost any outfit and are a necessity for fighting the chill.

Next on my shopping list: cute boots!

Be looking out for my latest blogs in this change of weather!

Be colorful!

This is a great look! (The yellow dress) It is very colorful, which I really like!

Colors make you stand out and get noticed, and that is exactly what we want to do!

However, when trying to accomplish a colorful ensemble such as this, make sure your colors match! This one definitely does, but I just want to make sure everyone understands the guidelines that go along with mixing different colors.

She also uses a waist belt to accentuate her slim figure instead of leaving a loose dress to hide her body.

The necklace is also a nice touch, adding even more color and fun to her outfit.

But, my favorite part about this outfit are the shoes. All the colors really tie the outfit together and give it a bohemian vibe instead of just wearing a plain dress. These are all little things that can be added to an outfit to really set it apart.

I would suggest now incorporating more fall colors to make this outfit season appropriate. Adding browns and dark reds would be a a good idea. I don’t like ever pairing black with yellow because it always reminds me of a bumble bee.

This is a very cute outfit that is easy to put together and can look great anywhere!

Be bold!

I love this outfit! It brings a smile to my face to see someone who can layer and mix match clothes
and make it work! 🙂

The jeans she is wearing are the perfect fit…not too tight and not too loose. However, she still added a thin brown belt (you can’t see it in the picture) to tie the outfit together.

She added a subtly patterned button up and a very cute embellished cardigan! You can just barely see it in the picture, but the top left shoulder of the cardigan is decorated with some fabric flowers which really dress it up.

Also, I love the colors! Light blue and this tan/khaki color always look great together and the bright red bag really stands out!

I love when people aren’t afraid to take a risk and be bold with their outfit, while not getting out of hand.

Use the fashion do’s and don’ts that you already know to spice up an outfit of your own! Whether it be a bold bag, awesome shoes, colorful accessories, or fun patterns…take a risk and look good doing it!

Neat socks, now lose ’em.

I have to give her credit for trying. However, although her hat, socks, and shoes may match, this outfit does not.

The oversized sweatshirt paired with short jean shorts poses our first problem. Is it hot or cold? Also, the pair indicates a comfortable, laid back look, but the stockings and shoes do not.

These socks might be better if paired with some different colored shoes (I recommend brown or black) and a different outfit.

A nicer outfit such as a a nice skirt, dress, or even dressy shorts could be paired with a cute blouse and even a vest. This would be a cute outfit that makes a statement.

However, mixing these socks with a large sweatshirt and jean shorts is not the way to go. If you wanted to keep the outfit, then lose the hat, socks, and shoes. You have to completely commit, or don’t try at all.

Boys will be boys.

Spotted this guy at a party dressed like this.

In case you can’t tell, he is wearing an oversized red soccer jersey, with a maroon baseball cap, and nice khaki shorts?

He was either really confused about what to wear to the party, or didn’t pay his electricity bill and was forced to get dressed in the dark.

I try to take it easy on boys, since they never really have known how to dress themselves without the help of a woman…whether it be their mother, sister, girlfriend, etc.

However, they should at least know what matches and what doesn’t! Most boys usually wear plain or striped shirts paired with plain shorts or jeans. There is a reason for that.

If they try to stray from this very simple way of dressing themselves, they end up looking like this.

My advice: pick one style and stick with it. Either you want to look nice and wear a nice shirt with khaki shorts, or athletic shorts with a jersey…but you can’t mix them together! Oh, and maroon and red do NOT match.

Showing a little too much

I saw this girl as I was walking into the football game at Kyle Field (WHOOP!) on Saturday.

Yes, she did wear this to a football game.

The shirt is very low cut in front, giving you a little sneak peek…while the back has a tail? I’m not really sure what this is all about.

Also, she has paired this tail shirt with a very short and very tight skirt which she had to constantly pull down in order to make sure no one got a glimpse of London or France.

I’m sorry, but if you have to constantly make sure no one can see your underpants, then it is time to buy a longer skirt.

Not to mention she is wearing this to a football game, not to the club! The only reason I can think of why someone would wear such little clothing to a noon football game is to minimize tan lines?

Wait a second, then why is she wearing boots?

My recommendations would be to lose the tail shirt and buy a longer, looser skirt or wear shorts.

I will leave you with a quote from Joan Rivers from “Fashion Police” on E!, “Just because it zips, doesn’t mean it fits.” 

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