Fall for Fall!

Want to stay warm this Fall and still look cute?

This girl shows us how!

Here is a really easy outfit to put together that you can wear anywhere this season!

Item 1: Leggings. Get them. You can wear either plain leggings or mix it up and wear a fun patterned pair!

Item 2: Boots…just make sure they match the rest of your outfit…or you could have a problem.

Item 3: Peacoat. Whether it is bright colored, patterned, or just plain, a peacoat can really put together the look!

Item 4: Well you obviously need a top to wear under. Once again make sure it is long enough to cover your behind, and loose enough so you don’t have that phantom pooch! I think a dress would probably be easiest to top over a pair of leggings.

This girl did exactly this and wore it great! Awesome way to start Fall!


Chicken legs.

What is wrong with this picture you ask?

Put your hand over the top half of this picture. Do these honestly look like legs that belong to a boy? The correct answer to this question is no.

My thoughts: get a nice clean haircut, get some baggier/longer shorts, and eat a hamburger?

Once again we see a return of the “jorts”…only this time they are of a much smaller size. Shorts of this length can be acceptable, but make sure they do not look like leggings.

However, on a girl these shorts would look very cute! (in fact, I think I own a pair just like these!)

Boys, your clothes are supposed to allow you room to breathe!

Want to learn more about “jorts?” Check out this link!


You look like a big bruise…

Okay, where do I begin?

Purple shirt, purple pants, blue jacket, and blue and white tennis shoes?

Don’t get me wrong, I think purple is a fabulous color…especially this Fall, but too much of it can go terribly wrong!

If you must wear the purple pants, make sure to pair it with a natural color, like beige or white. Don’t even think about wearing green or yellow unless you want to look like a character from “Barney.”

Second, pair these pants with a stylish pair of boots or heels. Boots if wearing this to school, heels for a night on the town. A great pair of boots can really make wearing purple pants…uh..a little less lame.

Finally, your jacket color should not be within the same color range as the rest of your outfit…mainly if that outfit is all purple. I would recommend a tan or black leather jacket, depending on boot/shoe color!

Remember, matching your clothes does NOT mean wearing all the same color! Make sure you coordinate your outfit with different (but complimenting!) colors.

Game day dress!

A lot of female students like to get dresses made in order to wear for the Texas A&M football games!

This one in particular, the one shoulder, ruffled, and maroon checkered bottom is very cute.

However, there are a few minor details that I would change.

Change #1: Add a liner to the inside of the dress. You may not be able to tell   very easily from the picture, but the bottom half of this dress is definitely see-through. Ladies, if you ever see that your friend is about to leave the house with her undergarments clearly visible, be the good friend and tell her. There is always a last minute fix that can be made to fix this problem. Either this young woman does not have very good friends, or she left home alone. (whoops)

Change #2: This dress can afford to be a few inches shorter, not too much,         but at least about 4 inches above the knee (this looks about 2).You are paying a ton to get this dress made anyway, so make sure it is fit to your body, size, and shape.

Other than those few changes, I really like this dress! It is a fun and comfortable outfit to look great as you cheer on your favorite football team.

However, next time you get ready to leave the house, make sure no one can see through your pants…or your blouse!

Lookin’ Rough…

Eight a.m. classes look good on NO ONE.

However, I felt like this young woman was having a particularly hard morning. The huge backpack filled with books may have clued you into this, but for me…it was her outfit.

The olive/forest green sweater looks like something that belongs to someone who is much older than a college student. Also, you may notice this is a knitted sweater, which has many holes…so she is obviously not wearing it for its warmth. However, it certainly isn’t doing anything to spice up this outfit, so it is basically unnecessary.

The long shorts (or half pants?) are an odd shade of faded blue with some sort of strings hanging from the bottom? What are the point of those strings anyway? She needs to tie them before she trips on them!

Finally, she has grey and blue socks sticking out of her very worn red Converse shoes. First I would suggest buying some no-show socks…you can still wear whatever color you like, just make sure they don’t show! Second, never wear olive green, faded navy blue, and red! They just don’t go together.

Remember: just because you are having a rough day/week/month, doesn’t mean you have to look like it!

She INVENTED the poof…

You’ll never guess who I saw walking around Texas A&M University’s campus today…that’s right! Snookie!

Just kidding, but I must admit, there IS a striking resemblance.

This outfit is not so bad, but I would recommend that when purchasing a romper, or one-piece outfit, you should make sure to get a size bigger than what you might normally wear…to avoid the inevitable wedgie.

You’re laughing…but I’m SERIOUS.

Also, I am not sure about are the silver flats. A pair of black flats would work much better tying everything together.

Lastly, wearing more subtle jewelry instead of big earrings and a big necklace would be a good idea.

The outfit is a lot to take in, and you want to make sure you keep the jewelry simple, so you aren’t overdoing it.

Stick it to the Man!

Pop quiz: which of these three students got dressed in the dark this morning?

If you chose the student in the middle, you are right! He looks very confused as to what he wanted his look to communicate to the world today.

Note: I guarantee you, tie-dye and plaid will NEVER go together. EVER. Sorry, I don’t make the rules..I just abide by them.

I think anyone should see that not only is this pattern mixing wrong, but the colors absolutely do NOT coordinate with each other. The shirt, is full of bright and fun colors, but the shorts are more dark, Fall colors.

Once again, I recommend that if you are unsure what looks okay, keep it simple. Do not try and mix patterns and colors because you will just end up looking like you got dressed by a three-year-old.

Better luck next time!

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