Lace obsession. [Fashion Police on E!]

Lace is in the air and is said to be even bigger this coming Spring! I myself am a huge fan of anything lace, but I do think you need yo make sure you know how to wear it first!

Eva Mendes looks adorable in her lace dress, but I think the other two need some work.

I think Katy Perry could make this dress look a lot better if she had the lace removed from the bottom and a few inches added instead. I don’t know, but the lace at the bottom of this dress just doesn’t sit well with me…but I do love the color.

As for Dunst, I think this dress just needs to go! I don’t really find anything attractive about it…except maybe the bottom half. Otherwise, I think the top of the dress just looks really cheap and needs to be redone!

What do you think? As Fashion Police on E! would say, “gotta have it, or make it stop?”

My grade: Lace gets an from me! Just make sure you are wearing it properly!


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