Lack of posts makes one crazy!


I’m sorry I have not been part of the blogosphere lately…but as most of you know I am still on vacation from school. Therefore, there has been a lack of motivation as well as “campus clothing” that has slowed me down.

Although, I could have shared a few interesting outfits I have seen around the San Antonio and Houston area. haha…guess you’ll just have to imagine.

Anyway, I am planning on coming back with more outfits and analysis very soon. However, now that this is no longer for a grade, the style may be a little different.

I hope you all come to see what Spring semester is all about!

Hope you have all had a fun and relaxing break!


Lace obsession. [Fashion Police on E!]

Lace is in the air and is said to be even bigger this coming Spring! I myself am a huge fan of anything lace, but I do think you need yo make sure you know how to wear it first!

Eva Mendes looks adorable in her lace dress, but I think the other two need some work.

I think Katy Perry could make this dress look a lot better if she had the lace removed from the bottom and a few inches added instead. I don’t know, but the lace at the bottom of this dress just doesn’t sit well with me…but I do love the color.

As for Dunst, I think this dress just needs to go! I don’t really find anything attractive about it…except maybe the bottom half. Otherwise, I think the top of the dress just looks really cheap and needs to be redone!

What do you think? As Fashion Police on E! would say, “gotta have it, or make it stop?”

My grade: Lace gets an from me! Just make sure you are wearing it properly!

She INVENTED the poof…

You’ll never guess who I saw walking around Texas A&M University’s campus today…that’s right! Snookie!

Just kidding, but I must admit, there IS a striking resemblance.

This outfit is not so bad, but I would recommend that when purchasing a romper, or one-piece outfit, you should make sure to get a size bigger than what you might normally wear…to avoid the inevitable wedgie.

You’re laughing…but I’m SERIOUS.

Also, I am not sure about are the silver flats. A pair of black flats would work much better tying everything together.

Lastly, wearing more subtle jewelry instead of big earrings and a big necklace would be a good idea.

The outfit is a lot to take in, and you want to make sure you keep the jewelry simple, so you aren’t overdoing it.

Stick it to the Man!

Pop quiz: which of these three students got dressed in the dark this morning?

If you chose the student in the middle, you are right! He looks very confused as to what he wanted his look to communicate to the world today.

Note: I guarantee you, tie-dye and plaid will NEVER go together. EVER. Sorry, I don’t make the rules..I just abide by them.

I think anyone should see that not only is this pattern mixing wrong, but the colors absolutely do NOT coordinate with each other. The shirt, is full of bright and fun colors, but the shorts are more dark, Fall colors.

Once again, I recommend that if you are unsure what looks okay, keep it simple. Do not try and mix patterns and colors because you will just end up looking like you got dressed by a three-year-old.

Better luck next time!

Be colorful!

This is a great look! (The yellow dress) It is very colorful, which I really like!

Colors make you stand out and get noticed, and that is exactly what we want to do!

However, when trying to accomplish a colorful ensemble such as this, make sure your colors match! This one definitely does, but I just want to make sure everyone understands the guidelines that go along with mixing different colors.

She also uses a waist belt to accentuate her slim figure instead of leaving a loose dress to hide her body.

The necklace is also a nice touch, adding even more color and fun to her outfit.

But, my favorite part about this outfit are the shoes. All the colors really tie the outfit together and give it a bohemian vibe instead of just wearing a plain dress. These are all little things that can be added to an outfit to really set it apart.

I would suggest now incorporating more fall colors to make this outfit season appropriate. Adding browns and dark reds would be a a good idea. I don’t like ever pairing black with yellow because it always reminds me of a bumble bee.

This is a very cute outfit that is easy to put together and can look great anywhere!

Be bold!

I love this outfit! It brings a smile to my face to see someone who can layer and mix match clothes
and make it work! 🙂

The jeans she is wearing are the perfect fit…not too tight and not too loose. However, she still added a thin brown belt (you can’t see it in the picture) to tie the outfit together.

She added a subtly patterned button up and a very cute embellished cardigan! You can just barely see it in the picture, but the top left shoulder of the cardigan is decorated with some fabric flowers which really dress it up.

Also, I love the colors! Light blue and this tan/khaki color always look great together and the bright red bag really stands out!

I love when people aren’t afraid to take a risk and be bold with their outfit, while not getting out of hand.

Use the fashion do’s and don’ts that you already know to spice up an outfit of your own! Whether it be a bold bag, awesome shoes, colorful accessories, or fun patterns…take a risk and look good doing it!

Neat socks, now lose ’em.

I have to give her credit for trying. However, although her hat, socks, and shoes may match, this outfit does not.

The oversized sweatshirt paired with short jean shorts poses our first problem. Is it hot or cold? Also, the pair indicates a comfortable, laid back look, but the stockings and shoes do not.

These socks might be better if paired with some different colored shoes (I recommend brown or black) and a different outfit.

A nicer outfit such as a a nice skirt, dress, or even dressy shorts could be paired with a cute blouse and even a vest. This would be a cute outfit that makes a statement.

However, mixing these socks with a large sweatshirt and jean shorts is not the way to go. If you wanted to keep the outfit, then lose the hat, socks, and shoes. You have to completely commit, or don’t try at all.

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