LOVE this Winter look!

Wondering how to still look fabulous while bundling up for the cold weather?

Well, Jessica Alba proves that this is definitely possible.

This look is easy enough to put together. All you need is a pair of skinny jeans, a patterned or plaid coat, solid scarf, and a stunning pair of boots!

Alba sticks to neutral colors, really showing her natural beauty.

I love everything about this look, and love how simple it is for anyone to pull off!

Remember: The Winter season and its mood killer weather doesn’t have to mean frumpy and bulky clothes for all!




Send in your pics!

We are going to try something new.

I want YOU all to send in your own best and worst fashion photos!

I look forward to seeing what kind of encounters you all can find. This means you will now be seeing pics not only from my college campus, but from everywhere you can think of!

Check out this send in:

Not only is she wearing zebra pajama pants (a major DON’T!), but she decided to top it off with a solid black peacoat. Classy? Not so much.

Pajama pants don’t really mesh well with peacoats…or the public eye. Just because it is cold outside does not mean  you can just roll out of bed and throw on a heavy jacket.

Next time, think about adding a pair of skinny jeans and boots? …just a thought.

Thanks for the send in! Keep ’em coming!

Lack of posts makes one crazy!


I’m sorry I have not been part of the blogosphere lately…but as most of you know I am still on vacation from school. Therefore, there has been a lack of motivation as well as “campus clothing” that has slowed me down.

Although, I could have shared a few interesting outfits I have seen around the San Antonio and Houston area. haha…guess you’ll just have to imagine.

Anyway, I am planning on coming back with more outfits and analysis very soon. However, now that this is no longer for a grade, the style may be a little different.

I hope you all come to see what Spring semester is all about!

Hope you have all had a fun and relaxing break!

Allow yourself to be COACHED

So, everyone has been really busy around campus with finals…including me.

Therefore, there are no photos to be graded yet…but I do have some great advice on gift giving! 😉

Ladies and gentlemen:

Are you looking for a gift for your sister, mom, or even that special girl?

Do you have NO idea what to get her?

Well, have I got some great news for you!

You can NEVER, and I mean NEVER EVER go wrong with a great Coach bag!

Whether it be big or small (check out the wristlets as well!), a girl can always appreciate a good bag!

I myself have my eye on a few of their business bags…you know, for my soon to be “professional life.”

Anyways, I strongly encourage you to check them out!

Once again, happy studying and good luck on those finals!

…if you are already done, I am very jealous and have a safe trip back home!

Let’s try this again…

So I tried inserting this link in earlier, but for some reason the computers in the annex hate me.

Therefore, I will try this again.

This site has a lot of really cute and unique clothes.

I recommend you all take a break from studying to check out this site! (maybe get some of that Christmas shopping out of the way!?) 

 Let me know what you think!

p.s. It is kind of pricy, but check out the sales! 🙂 Like this romper for example! It may not be in season at the moment, but it is on sale and there are only FOUR left!

Reminder during finals…

Don’t wear your pajamas to school.

Everyone knows you are tired from studying all night and waking up early to study even more before your exam.

However, this is still no excuse to wear your pajamas to class.

You can still come to school in what you slept in, just as long as you sleep in something that wasn’t MADE for sleeping in.

Hope you had a chance to run into me this morning. I was giving away free scantrons and candy canes to help during this time of great stress.

If not, good luck on finals anyway!

Just think…a few more then CHRISTMAS!! 😀

I don’t even know what to say here.

No, you do NOT need to adjust your computer screen…you ARE in fact seeing a girl in Nike athletic shorts, a sweater, and black high heels.


I am just flabbergasted at this outfit, I don’t really know what to even say.

I just want to know what she was thinking when she thought this was okay. I just….don’t know.

Let’s go over this…what could have been the cause of this? All her shoes could have been eaten by wolves and all they left were her nice black heels?


NO! That can’t be it…but seriously…that is the only excuse for this outfit.

Let’s face it, no matter what the story, there is no way it was completely impossible for her to have worn something else.

Random thought: who the heck would choose to wear heels when they didn’t have to?!

Why didn’t any of her friends lend her a pair of shoes??

I have SO many questions running through my mind I just don’t even know where to go with this.

I’m just plain STUMPED. I have no idea why this happened, but I sure hope it never happens again.

This is just embarrassing…for EVERYONE.

Okay, well I’m guessing everyone can obviously see what is wrong with this picture. She was also at attendance at a Christmas party. Okay and it’s is fine if you don’t feel like dressing up (I guess), but why in the world would she choose to wear these shoes? I think they even had a rhinestone brooch on the side!

Next time, I don’t care what it takes…just don’t do this. Sorry, but this definitely deserves two:

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