Reminder during finals…

Don’t wear your pajamas to school.

Everyone knows you are tired from studying all night and waking up early to study even more before your exam.

However, this is still no excuse to wear your pajamas to class.

You can still come to school in what you slept in, just as long as you sleep in something that wasn’t MADE for sleeping in.

Hope you had a chance to run into me this morning. I was giving away free scantrons and candy canes to help during this time of great stress.

If not, good luck on finals anyway!

Just think…a few more then CHRISTMAS!! 😀


I don’t even know what to say here.

No, you do NOT need to adjust your computer screen…you ARE in fact seeing a girl in Nike athletic shorts, a sweater, and black high heels.


I am just flabbergasted at this outfit, I don’t really know what to even say.

I just want to know what she was thinking when she thought this was okay. I just….don’t know.

Let’s go over this…what could have been the cause of this? All her shoes could have been eaten by wolves and all they left were her nice black heels?


NO! That can’t be it…but seriously…that is the only excuse for this outfit.

Let’s face it, no matter what the story, there is no way it was completely impossible for her to have worn something else.

Random thought: who the heck would choose to wear heels when they didn’t have to?!

Why didn’t any of her friends lend her a pair of shoes??

I have SO many questions running through my mind I just don’t even know where to go with this.

I’m just plain STUMPED. I have no idea why this happened, but I sure hope it never happens again.

This is just embarrassing…for EVERYONE.

Okay, well I’m guessing everyone can obviously see what is wrong with this picture. She was also at attendance at a Christmas party. Okay and it’s is fine if you don’t feel like dressing up (I guess), but why in the world would she choose to wear these shoes? I think they even had a rhinestone brooch on the side!

Next time, I don’t care what it takes…just don’t do this. Sorry, but this definitely deserves two:

Too much cider?

Saw this girl at a Christmas party.

While this outfit is very festive, it is not very cute.

The shirt is okay, but the pant leggings have just got to go!

Once again….and I hope this is the last time I have to say this, LEGGINGS CANNOT BE WORN AS PANTS!

Yes, for some reason I feel if I put that in all caps, girls might finally realize they should stop doing this.

A way to incorporate these red leggings with your holiday outfit is to wear them under a pair of white shorts…this way you still wear everything you want, but you get to cover your butt at the same time.

Ice ice baby…


Well let’s see what we have here…

Bleach blonde hair, aviator shades, black leather jacket atop a white graphic tee, TIGHT blue jeans, and tennis  shoes?

I don’t know about you, but I feel like I am having a bad dream.

What is that he is holding? Do you think it’s extra clothes? Because if so, he should definitely change into them right now!

First of all, I would say it is time to donate those jeans to a local Goodwill, and go buy a bigger size!

I feel like he is going to rip his pants at any minute! Shield your eyes!

Second, if you are going to wear the leather jacket, then you need to change your shoes to match. Also, if you’re warm, don’t pull up the sleeves of your leather jacket, just take it off.

Lastly, that bleach blonde hair is NOT working. Go back to your natural hair color! I think this hair would make ANY outfit look bad.


I’m not really sure what look this guy was going for this morning, but I don’t think he was too sure either.

Is he cold? Is he guido? Or could he maybe be going hunting?

First of all, I would say lose the camo pants. There once was a time…in a time of bad BAD fashion (aka the 90’s) when wearing camo was cool. These days, however, I think we should all just leave it to the professionals.

There are some people that should wear camo, and they are those people who are in the military.

Other than that and hunting, there is NO reason why anyone should wear camouflage anything.

Also, the hat. Is it cold? And if it is cold, why isn’t he wearing a jacket? I don’t think just a beanie is sufficient enough to keep you warm when you are feeling chilly.

I say lose both…especially the pants. PLEASE. Just burn them. You can keep the shirt with jeans and plain white tennis shoes.

High school letterman?

No, wearing your high school letterman when you are no longer in high school is NOT cool.

This is actually done more than you might think.

Although lettermen jackets were the epitome of coolness in high school, they are no longer cool afterwards…especially on your college campus!

I’m sure he has plenty of jackets, or at least SOME other jackets and I think wearing any other jacket is better than wearing this.

If you are this person who is still wearing their letterman jacket from high school, STOP, now.

Nobody thinks it is cool anymore.

That’s all.

Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?

Look familiar? I don’t know if anybody else remembers “Carmen Sandiego”, but this was the very first thought that crossed my mind when I saw this girl walking across campus!

Do you think this is what she was going for when she got dressed this morning?

Anyway, unless you are going to a costume party dressed as Carmen, I don’t think all this red is necessary.

Although I do love a great red peacoat, I don’t think you need to add the hat, backpack, and socks.

Great as a costume though!

I would like to see this peacoat over a black dress with black hose and red bootie heels! 



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